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These gorgeous burp cloths by Ely's & Co.'s are not just deliciously soft, they are also designed to be extremely practical. Say goodbye to ruined clothes and hello to these incredible cloth diapers. These high quality burp cloths have two layers of Jersey cotton and a waterproof lining which is sure to catch any spit up or drools. Flip it over and use it as a changing mat on the go! These cloths wash well and are very durable, getting softer with each wash. Used as a burp cloth, the super soft material is a cozy place for baby to snuggle. You will love these convenient and beautiful cloth diapers and wonder how you ever managed without them.

Versatile and Convenient: Full coverage Burp Cloth and Portable Changing Pad
Ely’s & Co.’s Reversible Jersey Cotton Burp cloths were designed with your needs in mind. This high quality versatile cloth is made of soft breathable stretchy fabric. Drape it over your shoulder under baby and you can rest assured that it will absorb any moisture. Even if your little one spits up excessively or has re-flux, with this Burp Cloth your clothing will always be protected. This set includes five cloths so you always have one on hand. With these generously sized, easy-care and beautiful cloths you can’t go wrong!

Includes 5 pre-washed 20 x 12” 100% Jersey Cotton Burp Cloth with Waterproof Lining
Classy and Beautiful Feminine Designs
Multi-Use: Full coverage Burp Cloth or Diaper Changing Pad
Waterproof and Absorbent: Two Layers of soft jersey cotton with inner waterproof lining to catch spit up and drools
Easy Care and durable. Machine washable