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You've heard the tales of sweet five-month-old angels turning into cranky, fussy, drooling little monsters biting through everything on their path.
Welcome to the new chapter of teething! Don't fret. We got you covered.

For your baby's new teething pal, we searched high and low to find the safest and most sensible material. Once again, we decided on using a 100% medical grade hygienic silicone because they are completely free of toxic chemicals, and have just the perfect touch of softness and flexibility. Watch 'em go. They're quite the silly little dancer!

Silicone fact :
They're super resistant to heat. You can boil them in water to sterilize, or just throw them in a dishwasher for easy cleaning!

You've seen Charlie do it on youtube, your little niece, the neighbor's infant son, and your own little ones. Babies love biting fingers! So we thought "why reinvent the wheel?" Our teethers are perfectly sized to mimic those itty bitty baby fingers. They're just long enough to stimulate the back molars, but short enough to prevent chocking. Here's a salute to hours of silent biting joy!

Amazingly, recently research shows that infants as young as just 2 months old already have some basic knowledge of intuitive physics! But we know that our little guys have a long ways to go before they master the all important hand-to-eye coordination (feeding time mess anyone?). So we designed our teether to have multiple grabbing points, and even more spots to dig in their little pearly whites. Just good common sense!

Soft hygienic medical grade silicone
Easy to clean
Baby finger sized
Non-choking design
Multiple points for grabbing and holding