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Once toddlers learn how to twist the knob, they open the door to a new world of potential danger. Keep your little explorer from off-limits areas with our durable and strong Parent Grip Door Knob Covers.

This new design has a wider base to fit most standard door knobs and it’s easy to install with a few simple clicks. It’s also easy for parents to grip when opening the door, all while being difficult for kids to figure out how to use. The improved polypropylene snaps are stronger than ever before and help keep the cover from coming off the knob when curious little fingers pull on it. Designed to blend in with your home décor, this pack of four gives you coverage for multiple doors in your home.

Easy for parents to install and use
Knob cover spins freely so tiny hands can’t twist the door knob open
New and improved polypropylene snaps are stronger and more secure
Design blends in with home décor
Made to fit most standard door knobs