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With this wall-mounted BabyDan FlexiFit safety gate, you can make it easy to keep your little one on a safe distance from a doorway, staircase or an area in the home that is not child friendly. Once mounted with screws to the wall or door frame, the release fitting makes it easy for you to click off the safety gate whenever you want, for example, if you’re cleaning or having guests. You can use this safety gate in almost any kind of opening because the wall fittings are so flexible that the gate can be mounted either inside or outside the opening. The swivel brackets make it possible to mount the gate even at an oblique angle.

The gate itself measures 69.5 cm from top to bottom. When mounted on the wall, the gate measures 80.5 cm from the top of the top wall bracket to the bottom of the bottom wall bracket.

Wall-mounted safety gate
Fits openings 67-105,5 cm/26.38-41.54". If mounted outside the door frame, maximum opening size is 5 cm/2" smaller
Unique child-proof release fitting allow quick installation and removal
Opens both ways when mounted inside the door frame
Can be operated with one hand