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    • Let your baby handle and explore the different shapes 
    • Show your baby what each shape does - i.e. roll and squeak the ball, jingle and rattle the shapes 
    • Move the different shapes and let your baby try 
    • Play peek-a-boo with the mirror shape
    • Encourage your infant to move/rattle/wind the shapes and listen to the different sounds - talk to your little one about the different noises they make
    • Roll, twist, push, shake, squeeze! 

9+ months

    • Show your little one how to stack the shapes correctly. Be enthusiastic about successful stacking e.g. "Look, a tower!"
    • Encourage your baby to knock them over and try again without too much help from you.
    • Have some fun! Stack them in the wrong order and watch them fall over. Always use supportive and upbeat language; "well done, what a clever boy, whoops, it fell over, lets try again"

12+ months

  • Encourage your child to name and recognise different colours and shapes - use the correct vocabulary for simple 2D shapes - for example: blue circle, red square.
  • Always encourage and recognise successful stacking to help your child gain a sense of their achievements.

Stacks easily.
Four toys in one!
Spinning, clicking drum.
Rattling, squeaking fun.
Each piece can be played with separately.