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    • Show your baby what each of the six individual pieces do. Show that you can wobble and rattle the base, use the hat as a whistle, spin, rattle, squeak and roll the other pieces. Plus show your baby his or her reflection in the mirrored piece. Try to let your baby discover these features independently at first, then assist if necessary. 
    • Assemble the clown in front of your baby, showing him or her that the pieces fit together to create a lovely surprise character. 
    • Give the clown a gentle push to show that he wobbles and rattles. Encourage your baby to have a go and make the sound. 
    • Use lots of excited, encouraging language - ask your baby if he or she can knock the clown over! 
    • Reassemble him together - encouraging your infant to chose which pieces go where. A 6 month old is unlikely to be able to complete the task without help - but encourage him or her to grasp, hold and place the pieces independently.  

12+ months

  • When the clown is in pieces explain that he can be put back together again and that you need to start with the biggest piece on the bottom.
  • Try a few incorrect combinations and use expressive language to explain when it's not in the right place. What happens if you put them in the wrong order?
  • Let your child have a go independently - stepping in to assist, if necessary. After a bit of practice he or she should be able to do this without help.
  • Enjoy stacking the clown together and knocking him over again and again.
  • Point out the clown's friendly facial features - e.g. big red nose, eyes, smiley mouth, pointy hat.
  • Ask your toddler where his or her nose, mouth, eyes, are.

Six toys in one!
Stacks easily.
Great for grasping and holding.
Each piece can be played with separately.